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Express-Domestic is a domestic helper agency being well recognized and has been receiving favorable comments from customers. All of our domestic helpers are interviewed and carefully selected by professional staff to ensure the quality. 97.3% of our helpers can finish 2 years contract, and 78.1% of those can enter into a new contract with the same employer. Therefore, we are proud that we can offer you with a protection for assurance.


All data and information shown in this bio data is provided by the applicant. We are not responsible for any losses and damages caused by any discrepancy and incorrectness of the information and data provided by applicants. Clients should verify by themselves. No guarantee for the authenticity of the helpers' personal data is hereby given by us.

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Desi Ayu Yeti Novitasari 在港印傭 5月完約 36歲 已婚 2年屯門照顧兒童 6年香港照顧長者 2年香港照顧兒童 3年台灣 2年新加坡工作經驗 會說廣東話,國語和英語 合任何工作

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